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Limited Edition Maxi-Single

December 1, 2010

At the end of 2010 I released a limited edition CD maxi-single to friends and family entitled "Chasing a Dream" containing the four tracks below. For a limited time you can download these four tunes in AAC (m4a) format compatible with iTunes for free, and even use the cover art supplied above in your iTunes library. I'm working to complete a full-length album which these four tunes will be a part of, and have already completed several more songs towards that goal. Once the complete album is finished it will be available on iTunes and these free downloads will disappear, so get them now, and be sure and let me know if you like them.

December 29, 2009

UPDATE - April 2011: I have put this particular project on hold for the time being...

Sometime around the middle of 2008 I decided that I was going to record and eventually release a new album, something quite different than I have done since releasing albums of my own music beginning with Trance Figures in 2001 a single-track, entirely synthesized album, which was my first solo release. I followed it up in 2004 with Shimmer, another single-track work of even larger scale, also entirely synthesized. Then I bought a guitar, and things changed, and then I bought another guitar, and the new-age album Moon & Sun resulted in 2006. Then a friend asked me to score an anime film, and the soundtrack to Question was the result of that, released in 2007, with a largely orchestral instrumentation. Following the release of Question, I had nothing in particular in mind for a future project, so I bought some more guitars I'm up to seven now and that had a distinct influence on where I headed for my next solo album.

My musical roots are in rock music. Progressive rock was where I started my musical career in the late 1970s, and I worked in bands from that epoch through the stylistic metamorphoses to punk, new-wave, and alternative rock through the 1980s and into the 1990s when my last band finally threw in the towel and I officially became a solo artist. While I am proud of what I have accomplished with my solo work since then, I cannot help but miss the sheer energy and joy of creating rock music, which currently seems to be in rather short supply. So I've come back to what I know, understand, and love the most.

I just finished remastering all the songs below to try and get them all sounding consistent in terms of mix and EQ, which was quite a challenge. My hat is off to all the mastering engineers out there who do that sort of thing for a living, because it's a bitch! I have also withdrawn a number of previous entries to this list which I didn't think ultimately fit with the sound and style that I'm trying to achieve. If you have listened to or downloaded any of the previous versions, you might want to give them another listen from these most recent versions. Next on the agenda will be adding vocals to all the tracks below, which I think could take most of the next year, making the entire project a 2-1/2 year endeavor if my timeline holds to that.

So here is the current, updated, album-sequenced list of contenders which you can download and listen to, in both 256kbps mp3 and AAC (m4a) file formats. I recommend the AAC format, particularly if you already have iTunes on your computer it's higher quality at about the same file size. All the songs are copyrighted so don't steal them, and if you like any of them and want to link to them on your web site, please link directly to the file on my server so I can tell which ones are being listened to the most.

Let me know what you think!

Title Duration MP3 Download AAC (m4a) Download
Track1-090708 7:41 mp3 m4a
Track2-122008 7:08 mp3 m4a
Track3-042109 6:10 mp3 m4a
Track4-060509 4:53 mp3 m4a
Track5-080909 5:12 mp3 m4a
Track6-101009 6:01 mp3 m4a
Track7-021909 6:13 mp3 m4a

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